whats new with me?

2013-05-21 18:54:54 by thatawkwardkid

so i have not made a actuall new post about what im doing for a long time so here we go

i am finishing up my part for the 1 up collab wich most likely will not come out for a while.

i am going to finish episode one for a new series me and another guy are starting but might not be for a long time because i am a lazy piece of poo and the voice files are scatered all around my computer so that sucks.

there are many more things that are new with me but can not remember because im a big smelly retarted piece of poo poo


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2013-05-22 06:48:46

You're a big smelly retarted piece of poo poo? That's new dude. :P

thatawkwardkid responds:

yes.i am a smelly piece of solid waste from the body.


2013-05-23 07:59:46

You know what's new with me? I'm an emerging voiceover artist! Just FYI, I have an idea for a sequel of similar length to the last one. If I recorded an audio and you liked it, would you be interested in making a second animation?

thatawkwardkid responds:

o hell ya!!! that would be soo much fun to animate. just voice it and send me it and ill get on dat shit