Computer problems

2013-08-26 21:57:51 by thatawkwardkid

As some of u may have noticed I have been very inactive...nobody? Ok then. But anyway my computer flipped the duck out for some reason and the LCD broke wich is kinda important. Any way I sent it to gateway to get it fixed( I have a gateway I know how 2000) . It may take another two weeks to get it fixed wich still I have school started wich may affect my animation time. So bellow is a pic of what happend to my laptop

Gateway said I have to pay 250$ to fix it so I have no idea whats next

Computer problems


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2013-08-26 22:17:53


thatawkwardkid responds:

Ouch indeed


2013-08-26 23:46:25

also i didn't get why you were gone all that time, i thought you were kidnapped.

thatawkwardkid responds:

Nah, but that Nebraska trip will forever haunt me O_O


2013-08-27 23:24:11

Hoholy shit. That is rather broken. Is that the tablet or monitor?


2013-08-27 23:25:20

Nvm read the rest. Is it possible to connect a monitor to the laptop and just do it that way?

thatawkwardkid responds:

Well gateway said it may be that the laptop over heated so there may be more damage. They also said they will have to wipe the hard drive ( I don't know y )


2013-08-28 00:27:25

Wipe the hard drive? daamn. Did you get your essentials onto a flash drive?

thatawkwardkid responds:

Nope >:|