new computer (why i love newgrounds)

2013-09-17 20:42:17 by thatawkwardkid

ok so as some of u may have known my computer crashed on me,well my brother gave me his laptop. everybody say thank you thatawkwardkids brother *thank you thatawkward kids brother in 3rd grade class voice. so anyway what goes on from here? i dont know. i still have to get everything set up. however, my laptop being broken made me realize why i spent so much time on animation. this may seem a little weird but here we go.

after my computer broke i took a look at where my art has come in the past year, i realized how much i loved newgrounds. in the past 9 months my drawing skills have improved more than 10 times then in the past 4 years of drawing. i drew something the other day and was actually proud of the way it turned out. because of newgrounds i got to improve so fast i would finish something and almost instantly hate it right after (some i hated it so much i did not realese it).why has newgrounds made me improve? its because of how easy it is to communicate. instead of haveing comments of people arguing about the other persons spelling errors, how someone is sooo smart, newgrounds comments are actual honest scores, critical in-depth reviews, and tips on how to improve. not only that but newgrounds lets artists make news posts about what they are up to, post about if they are going live on livestream (wich i love because i get to learn) and evan links to other sites they may be on. other sites want you strictly on their website. another thing newgrounds does that i love is how you can talk to other talented artists. you can make friends in this website and so much more. if you have a serious question about animation you can literally just messege a skilled artist and they will probebly resspond. ive had so much fun on newgrounds in the past 9 months (wich is when i got way more active) i just wanted to make this suuuuper long post because this site doesent get enuf recognition.

Also at the bottom I posted a pic of where my drawing skills are at now

new computer (why i love newgrounds)


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2013-09-24 10:09:02

Ur drawing skills have a nice and funny look to them very settling :D